Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

05 March 2021

We are constantly faced with decisions, many options are forced upon us as a result of circumstances, outside forces, like in the situation we are in now both in and around this beautiful world. A very long time ago our ancestors had to decide in what way they would feed their families, whether to go out with others or go out on their own. If we look at Nature, in Africa a single lion may not bring down a wildebeest but a pride together may manage to. Working together helps. Some have speculated that in life we might have multiple outcomes which are all dependent on the choices we and others make. I am of the opinion that even though we make choices, our lives are mapped out for us. A while ago I watched an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation involving ‘Q’, where Captain Picard was shown a younger version of himself. He was shown the consequences of a different choice which, if he had made it, would have meant him not getting recognised and not becoming captain.

But changes never cease, so when BT did yet another rearrange, my work transferred to Nottingham and I went too, with expenses for the move all provided. Not just a shift, more of a remove and re-site! I met new people and I learned many things. I am grateful for all the help and support I had through a few difficult times, as well as the chance to move to Birmingham a little while later when more changes occurred. Another one, a choice given to me that I was thankful to accept. Still learning, I was there for five years. I even struck up a friendship with a young lady there, but things did not work out. I was still travelling long distances to and from work and now my health was starting to suffer. With house prices falling I could not move. So it was to Sheffield I went, again with support from my manager and a new manager who took the decision to give me a try. I was and still am thankful to all concerned, as it meant that my health improved and I was later put forward to become a Trainer in BT. Then a further move over to Leicester came about through a friend who had introduced me to Srinivas Arka, the man who has taught me and many others about the Arka Dhyana relaxation therapy which I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

During my time with BT I became used to moving around every few years, so I wasn’t at all surprised when in 2007 a few of us were told that our work was moving to another place, down south somewhere. But this time not us. We were told the decision to do this had been made and there were now only a limited number of job opportunities for us in Leicester. It seemed the best option for me was to accept the ‘New Start’ option or what I saw it as, redundancy. I and a few others opted for that. I talked it over with a few folk, I made a decision and left. In truth it was a bit tough going for a while as I left all the things I knew, also training courses and the like were sadly not recognised outside of BT. So I went to Leicester college and obtained a teaching qualification which enabled me to start my own business. It was all hard work, but a good decision. As a result of that, when I finally reached retirement age I was able to do so. That word yet again. Decision.

Conscious decisions surround us and as we all know, time does fly. Failing health has meant I don’t get around like I used to and I’m in a Care Home now. So I write. I do a daily personal diary, I also do a weekly blog and I’m working on learning a language. I am involved with a local u3a, short for university of the third age, which is nothing whatsoever like a university, but where there are so very many different groups to join. They are all on what we like to do, what our hobbies and interests are. I enjoy being a part of u3a. Besides that, I do as much or as little as I wish or sometimes can do. I keep in touch with old friends, my former BT colleagues and outside. I am thankful to be as I am, I know of many folk who are much worse off than me.

There are some who look back at all of the decisions they’ve made in their lives and wonder if they always made the right choices. Some may even consider that they themselves are at fault. But I remember the words of my Dad about helping others and giving advice. He said that advice is just that. Always give it freely, expecting nothing back. If they take it then all well and good. If they don’t take it then you have done your best. You are not at fault if they don’t listen to you, even though they might try and make out that you’re the one in the wrong if things don’t go the way they might want. They have made the choice to listen or ignore your advice to them. They have decided to live their life their way. Sadly many are no longer with us in this life, but we all live by our own decisions. I am not perfect in any way, I get it wrong and no doubt will continue to do so. Naturally I don’t have the same decisions to make now that I did twenty years ago, but the big wide world keeps turning. Changes, chances, opportunities and decisions will be with us and we must make the very best of them in this beautiful world. As the world changes then we, as our ancestors did, must also adapt, must change with it. St. David’s Day has just passed by, daffodils are in bloom, birds are singing and before too long fresh leaves will appear on trees. Nature has made the decision to bring on a new year. It too may get caught out with a bit of cold weather yet, but new life is already appearing and it will continue to do so.

This week, a quote.
“Sometimes God allows us to make mistakes, because we can’t recognise the sweet without the bitter; we cannot recognise the good without the bad.”

~ Donny Osmond, 30 November 2014.

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