Covid-19 Update

11 September 2020

Following on from last week’s blog I must report that us inmates are still in lockdown and confined to quarters. I learned that it was a member of staff who had tested as positive for Covid-19. So they have had to bring in staff from other places to cope. It has meant us being checked regularly for our temperature and no doubt we are also being watched for any adverse signs. In addition, last Saturday morning I was so bitterly disappointed to be told that I couldn’t be given my normal medication at my usual time as they did not have stock of them. This included the tablets I take to control my epilepsy. I’ve been on regular medication for this since my first epileptic fit in 1973 and I’ve made sure to keep a good supply of tablets so I would never run out.

So in this Care Home, where medication is kept in a central location and where they surely must have a system for monitoring minimum stock as well as ordering well in advance and ‘chasing up’ on orders, I do not know how this oversight could have occurred. I appreciate that I have recently had to change from one surgery over to another as a result of being in this Care Home, so maybe that is why the problem occurred. I was most unhappy, but the extra tablets were obtained. I know the staff here were and are doing their best, but it still stressed me out. In addition, it has meant some staff coming in on their days off and that cannot be easy for them at all.

I fully expect that I, along with all the other inmates here, will be kept confined as far as is possible until at least fourteen days has elapsed. They will probably do a check on us all as well as the Carers. This is right and proper, I have no problem with any of this. Well, apart from perhaps one thing – of a morning, I have a lovely mug of tea along with toast & marmalade, but at the moment there are rare times when the toast is almost cold!!!

However, if that’s all I can find to complain about, it’s not so bad really. So I will be a patient patient as I am sure that things will be back to ‘normal’ before too long and my toast will be warm again! I had a really lovely fried egg sandwich for my breakfast one morning, it was hot and so tasty! Thank you!!!

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